We’re excited to offer a new product that is both tasty and versatile! Smofu Tofu Taco is a great way to expand your current tofu recipe repertoire or introduce yourself to tofu if it is new to you. Our Smofu Taco Filling is already spiced and cooked! All you need to do is give it a quick warming up. You’re all set with a dash of olive oil in a frying pan, or in a pinch, even a microwave will do.

We believe that cooking with the basics— is cooking with quality.

Serving Suggestions&Recipes


What We Really Like About Smofu™ Taco Filling
In addition to taste and nutrition, we are proud to offer a product that underwent virtually no processing. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. It is not comprised of a conglomerate of vegetable or soy protein, we simply use fresh, hearty, protein packed tofu. We believe that cooking with the basics is cooking with quality.

What Goes In?
Ingredients: Non-GMO Tofu, Bob’s Red Mill unbleached flour and cornmeal, soy sauce, spices, lemon juice, canola oil. (No sugar or additional salt are added)

Possible Allergens: corn, soy, wheat, cumin
All our products are made from locally produced Tacoma Tofu (also a family owned and operated small business) who has a variety of high quality soy products available throughout Puget Sound grocers and restaurants.

Serving Suggestions &Recipes

In addition to the options below, Smofu™ Taco is a wonderful addition to chili, Sloppy Joes, spaghetti sauce, breakfast scrambles and has even found itself as a zesty pizza topping!


Smofu™ Taco Enchiladas
Sauté together:
1 (8oz. package) Smofu™ Taco
1 Onion diced
½ Green bell pepper diced
½ Red bell pepper diced
1 C. Corn (frozen, canned or fresh—yum!)
¼ C. Enchilada sauce to keep in moisture

Stuff tortillas and roll them up to top with your favorite enchilada sauce and cheese!


Sauté in a dash of olive oil:
1 onion
1 (8 oz.) package Smofu™ Taco Filling
1 bell pepper sliced  
1 C. Mushrooms sliced
½ C. carrot thinly sliced


Serve with warm tortillas and favorite toppings: salsa, sour cream or yogurt,

Bed of mixed baby greens
Sliced bell pepper, cucumber, tomato
A few thin slices of red onion
Cubed cheese if desired
Chopped cilantro
Smofu™ Taco Filling sautéed in a touch of olive oil until slightly crispy
(Reheated leftover rice is a great addition to this salad)
Dressing: your choice of salsa with a strong squeeze of lime juice!